First impressions matter. The success or failure of any brand to connect with the consumer is undeniably a contributing factor in the success or failure of any modern enterprise. By establishing a clear understanding of your business, its culture and your customers, we create powerful brands that make connections and build relationships. Be it a new identity design for a start up, a logo for a new product launch or a brand re-vitalization, we can take you where you need to be.

A brief outline of the ways we can help you define your brand is listed in the table below:

Startup Advisory Services
Brand Rejuvenation
Market Positioning

Corporate Identity & Logo Development
Policy & Standards Manual Development
Stationery Packages

The power of the brand to make or break that all important connection can never be underestimated.

As technology and software has advanced over the years, and skillsets of kids coming out of school has evolved, everybody seems to be a graphic desinger these days. As skillsets and design capabilities improve over time, more and more of our clients are internalizing the systems and processes they use to market and promote themselves on a day to day basis. That is great news for many clients because it brings down cost and keeps the overhead low.

More and more we are seeing hiring patterns change as well. Where we used to get hired to design and produce every little piece of print material and every little change to our clients websites, we are now able to focus our skills and talents where it matters most. Corporate ID, overall look and feel of the brand, messaging, creative concepts and content development. You as a client can save a lot of money and time doing some of those smaller things in house and spend your money where it gives you the biggest return on investment.

We do everything we can to make that easy for you--starting with a fully integrated marketing strategy. We can help you set the voice and tone of your organization online and off, create a powerful image for the brand, create and direct a visual campaign to develop your own corporate archive of original imagery and train your staff on the rules of engagement in the public space with a corporate standards guide. To round it out, every organization paricipating on the Social Grid needs to control who can say what and when. A Social Media Policy is an essential set of guidelines that your organization should be using to protect your brand around the clock and in every corner of the globe. We can help you design one that fits.

To discuss how we can help you help you invigorate your brand, kickstart your mobile presence, or translate your brand across the spectrum of print, interactive and mobile, please contact the interactive team at FRANK today.

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