Happy customers are your most powerful advocate and the best source of information about what you are doing right. We employ the latest thinking, design expertise and content management tools to deliver innovative solutions which improve the user experience, build connection and cultivate opportunities with your audience.

From website design to content management systems, online advertising and Search Engine Optimization, Analytics and Performance Tracking, e-mail marketing and social media activation, we have you covered in the digital space. We have been there since 1995 and have always lead the charge.

A brief outline of the ways we can help you look great online and in the interactive space is listed in the table below:

Interactive Design & Branding
Web Site Design & Development
interactive Product Demonstration
Content Management Systems
Tradeshow Display & Kiosks

Interactive Sales Tools
User Experience Design
Online Learning Tools
Digital Signage
Discussion Groups

Targeted Advertising
Blog Integration
Social Media
Search Marketing
Online Marketing

As you already know, the world has changed.

Tools and technologies evolve more and more rapidly every day. It can be tough to know what to do to be ready for today let alone be prepared for tomorrow. We know the kind pressures you are under to always be on the cutting edge of things. We live out there and know how scary and lonely it can be. But it need not be that way.

You do need the latest tools and technologies if you are going to be able to effectively compete in the online space. You should be interested in Social Media and Search Engine optimization if you are not already. You know you need to incorporate blogging, user generated content including text, photo and video galleries. You also know that it is not just about broadcasting anymore. Listening is just as important. Participating should be part of your new daily routine if it is not already.

You'll need to be up to date on all of the various tools and technologies that will help you do all of this efficiently and most effectively. Cutting edge tools for monitoring, moderating, metrics, reporting results and the list goes on. You want to get it right the first time and not have to go back to your boss to ask for more money to do something that should have been included in the original spec.

We can't predict everything, but with many years of experience developing applications and websites for clients large and small, we have a pretty good idea of what you need today, and what you'll want to consider if you want to be prepared for tomorrow.

We do everything we can to make that easy for you--starting with a sound and practical strategy. We can even help train your staff on the ins and outs of customer engagement and online community building via all of the various social media platforms (including but not limited to the obvious tools like Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere).

To discuss how we can help you get ready for the next generation of tools and technologies for your online presence, while saving you a great deal of time and money, please contact the interactive team at FRANK today.

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