All Customers are not created equal. Some have a disproportionate ability to influence and shape public opinion. Going from brand awareness to brand loyalty in the minds of the influencers can pay off exponentially in how the mass market ultimately responds.

This is one of the toughest obstacles facing marketers today. To begin with, you must offer truly great product experiences, back them up with great service and support and become a meaningful part of your customers community. Your most influential consumers are smart, savvy and astute. They can not be taken for granted or easily bought. To gain access to these consumers, marketers must build credibility, trust and loyalty in the hearts of your best customers by being honest, straight up and FRANK in their communications.

As traditional marketing tactics decline in effectiveness, community based, customer driven referral is the coveted new currency. Great opportunities exist within a well organized, integrated social media marketing solution that gets your brand into the hearts and minds of the influential consumers at the community level.

FRANK is a boutique social media agency in Toronto that specializes in effective customer engagement strategies that reach out, connect and engage with the most influential of customers. We work with our clients to develop innovative ideas that help them achieve strategic advantage by establishing connections, cultivating relationships and building communities. These days we are really interested in developing ideas and technologies that help organizations commercialize with a social purpose. Its what we call a double bottom line where everybody wins.

We do great work for a variety of corporate clients large and small. From startups and established companies to professional service firms, health care professionals and not for profit organizations.

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