FRANK is a boutique creative and social media marketing agency that specializes in smart ideas that tap into the full power of search and social media to connect and engage with your target market. A full service firm that helps professional service firms, startups and not-for-profits connect with high concentrations of their target market, cultivate healthy relationships and build engaging communities.

We are uniquely talented

Frank is recognized by Klout as a subject matter expert in the areas of social media and Web 2.0 technology. In this noisy space where everybody claims they are an expert, that is no easy feat. Our ever expanding team of researchers, analysts, storytellers, designers and app developers is committed to simplifying this complicated marketplace and delivering innovative ideas, tools and technologies that deliver measurable results.

We are ambidextrous

What sets us apart from a big agency, slick website development firm or an uber cool design boutique, is that we design programs that work on any platform. We work in a borderless media environment and in doing so function seamlessly from print to web to mobile and integrate a comprehensive set of social media tools and technologies above and beyond the obvious (Facebook, Twitter and blogs) social platforms. We listen, we monitor, we measure and report back on how your brand is performing.

We are your coach, your compass and your copywriter

We help you set realistic and achievable goals and set you on a path to achieve them. In a world where everyone is speaking louder than everyone else, we help you find your voice, tell your story and engage with your community in ways and places that are meaningful to them. We blog, we tweet, we create unique and original content and curate stuff from all over the world to keep your customers interested and engaged. We train you and your staff and give your organization the skills and processes to carry on what we started together without professional help. Or you can hire us in an ongoing way to keep the momentum going. Its up to you--in any case, after just a short while working with us you will know a heck of a lot more than you ever thought possible.

We are results oriented

Ultimately, the objective of a social media strategy is to drive traffic, establish and reinforce a connection and at the end of the day create some kind of conversion. As an added bonus, our programs are engineered to improve your Search Engine ranking performance over time. We optimize everything we do for the major Search engines and provide a full range of Social Media and Search Engine optimization options and strategies designed to get you on page one of Google. Winning search is the key to successful execution in today's global economy, but it doesn't end there. Winning locally is just as important.

We are cost effective

At FRANK, we offer big agency strategy and award winning creative without the big agency price tag. With a scaleable crew, we build custom teams of specialists according to the specific needs of each client, project, and budget. This approach provides maximum flexibility and rapid response while remaining lean and operationally efficient.

We are good people who do good work on your behalf

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